Today is my brother’s(HS) and cousin’s(GS) graduation. I attended the ceremony, it was pretty long and got bored a little bit, but I enjoyed the candid shot 🙂 (Camerawhore in the house! lol) I had so much fun tonight. A little chat and gossip with my family 🙂 I’ll just write another blog tomorrow(with picture […]


I can feel that summer is approaching. Summer is my favorite season. I love beaches and I love to swim. I really like my outfit here cause it’s so bright although i’m not really wearing bright colors. But it’s so summer-ish! And I also love my top which I bought from Forever 21, look at […]

Enriza’s Photoshoot

This photo shoot is just a favor of a bestfriend of mine. I do not claim that I am professional photographer, but I’m a desperate wanna-be someday. First, it’s only an interest, then a hobby, and who knows what’s next, a noted photographer perhaps. Yeah! How I wish. Reminder: We were just amateur. So, please […]

Catch Me… I’m In Love

The story revolves around Roanne Sanchez (Sarah Geronimo) and Eric Rodriguez (Gerald Anderson). It’s just like a Cinderella story, which is modern. Eric is the son of the Country’s President and Roanne is just a “social worker type”… I don’t know exactly what is her job, anyways, the two first met in the 10th anniversary of […]


I have to say Powerpuff Girls has a big impact on my life. It’s one of my favorite show when I was a kid. And I must tell that, until now! I just love reminiscing over my childhood. Because for me, it’s my favorite part of my life. I love my past life too! “Sugar, […]


I hate my eyebrow. My original eyebrow. Yes, what I have right now is imitation. lol. JK! But seriously, I don’t like it. It’s like I borrow it from a beast. So, I am thankful to whoever invented the “threading wax” for eyebrow. There’s just one thing I don’t like about it… It really HURTS! […]