Femme Fatale

I already bought the newest album of Britney Spears, which is Femme Fatale last Thursday.  I was supposed to pre order the Premium Fan Edition collector’s item, but unfortunately I wasn’t able because I think it was expensive. Premium Fan Edition includes a limited-edition hardcover book, deluxe album, vinyl picture disc and digital downloads. Supposedly […]

No more second try!

Froyo is good to our health, especially to me, because it help me digest. To be honest with I am constipated once in a while so I need to take Milk, Pineapple Juice, and sometimes Dulcolax to help me digest. (I’m not gonna state anymore the other benefits of Froyo.) So, I want to try […]

A Man’s Word

I am a 3rd year BSIT student right now, and I really envy those freak-slash-genius in terms of technology. Too many names to mention. But Bill Gates always get my attention because every now then I stumble some very inspiring quotes from him. Here’s my Top Six Favorite For The Win Quotes From Bill Gates, […]

Deleted Scene

If you previously read or checked the 101 Random Facts about me, I mentioned that I love Britney Spears, but if you haven’t click here! I found this video at Yahoo OMG. For me, it’s not really a big thing or issue regarding the prank and the fake poop and pee, and for Britney doing […]