My favorite day of the year.

My favorite day of the year is – May 7. Yes, it’s my birthday.

The usual thing we do on my birthday is to hear a mass at Antipolo Church. Every year! And then lunch. But before we ate lunch, we went first to Thunderbird Resort in Rizal because it’s just few kilometers from Antipolo. It’s not fully develop yet, which makes the place not that much beautiful to stay in. But it’s quite pretty though. There’s a pool, playground, golf course and then the casino, and they won’t let me in ’cause i’m still under 21 y/o. Sad! (Although, I’ve been in Casino at Resort World). Then we ate at Seafood’s Island at Eastwood City. We can’t decide on where to watch a movie. My mod suggested Robinson or Greenbelt and I chose Greenbelt ’cause it’s much nearer in Alabang. So, we went to Greenbelt. When we got there my Aunt don’t want to watch a movie at Greenbelt anymore, maybe because the next time schedule for Thor (The movie we are goin’ to watch) was 5:45pm, I think it’s just past 4pm whe we got there, meaning we have to kill time. She suggested that we should watch just around Alabang, either Festival Mall or Alabang Town Center. My mom agreed  even so they’re (Dad)  not goin’ with us anymore. Next thing is we were all singing out loud Bruno Mars songs in the car at Skyway, ’cause the one who can’t recite every single line will be kicked out in the car (Joan Velasco, you know we are all referring to you!)! Funny! Right after we got out from Skyway, my mom called and said we should just watch tomorrow. And we go home. I’m already bit tired and try to take a nap. As I am waiting to set down the sun to celebrate my birthday with m college peers. Our original plan was to go to Sitcom at Las Pinas but as we all not expected, heavy rain came. And we ended up in LV (I forgot exactly the name of the bar) at Green and Grills, Festival Mall. It was a fun night for me. The bar has a stand-up comedian so, not bad! We request a songs; Someday – Nina and Irreplaceable – Beyonce to our friend and my other friend sang it for me as her gift to me (She’s so sweet). I’m supposed to hang out with my Aunt at Mcdo Alabang ’cause it’s 24 hours open, but we were all sleepy, so we just decided to order drive thru and eat in the car. I got home around quarter to three I think. Finally I hit my bed and lay my back down and sleep!

To all who been part of my big day yesterday, THANK YOU! And to all who’ve been in my life for the past nineteen years CONGRATULATION! Haha! Seriously, THANK YOU FROM DEEP DOWN OF MY HEART! I hope to spend my remaining years left with you guys! I love you all 🙂

PS: Picture to follow


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