Saturday is Love

Despite of raining so hard yesterday, I still attended my classes. Last week was my friend DJ birthday! Yesterday we celebrate it on Kenjie’s place at Laguna. It’s my first time to drink tequila(The Bar). It’s fine, my body system wasn’t overreacting aside from the mild headache I got first thing in the morning. I […]

LOTD: Denim on Denim

I went to my dentist today, to adjust my brace. I was scheduled yesterday, but I forgot to go. It was really stupid ’cause I already planned to go to my dentist after class. Oh well, that’s my trait, I always forgot things! Nothing new! Top: Woven Shirt (Denim Wash) from Forever 21 Outer Top: […]

LOTD: Heather Gray

Saturday class. I only have two classes on Saturday but, it’s whole day. And the only day Jertoux were able to see each other again. If you’re not aware we have internship this semester. (L-R) Trisha, Daine, Khate, Kenjie, Me – My Forever Bitches I’m hatin’ the color gray today. I don’t feel wearing any […]

A Parents Love

Yesterday, I have this And now, I have these 1. Cardigans 2. Short Length Dress 3. Heather Gray Top 4. Woven Shirt (Denim Wash) 5. Tank Top 6. Earrings 7. Sunglass Not bad for 5ooo pesos. Didn’t buy much an accessories ’cause I will be going to Divisoria one of these days. That short length […]