Saturday is Love

Despite of raining so hard yesterday, I still attended my classes. Last week was my friend DJ birthday! Yesterday we celebrate it on Kenjie’s place at Laguna. It’s my first time to drink tequila(The Bar). It’s fine, my body system wasn’t overreacting aside from the mild headache I got first thing in the morning. I am the only girl who slept over ’cause my parents don’t want me to drive home that late. It was great for the Saturday night! Having this long weekend, I must do something fun!

Another epic night with my crazy friends!

Lunch at McDonald ATC


Me. Ivan. DJ(Birthday Boy!).

She has a beehive on her hair

Nikki and Daine (Makeup101)


We Love Foods

The Bar (Citrus Tequila)

I wonder whose hands are those

I love these photos

Wasted and Intoxicated


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