October 25, 2011

Time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity.


This is all I need on that day. Hahaha! I was stressed out that I might not be able to do what I needed to do. I am such a procrastinator, I admit that. There’s a lot of things I’ve already done a long time ago, but I did nothing. I know it’s not healthy, yet I keep doing it. I don’t know, but the rush I felt help me to do the things that I need to do. Whenever I tried to do something in advance time, — uggh nevermind!

I need to go to school to pass an OJT requirements, but some papers went missing and I didn’t start yet my weekly report. Plus, doing the dates and the hours you spent in the office. You do the math! Thank God I finished it on not so late time. I was able to passed my weekly report, certificate and evaluation. Also, got my grades, i’m satisfied enough. Yayy for me!

I forced my Tita, to leave early, ’cause I need to stop by at Greenhills to get my Blush Brush Sets by Suesh which I purchased a looong time ago at Ensogo and will be expire at that day. I was thinking that I really should get that ’cause it’s already paid. Thank God again, the place was not hard to see. It’s just beside Zirkoh along Wilson Street.

Were now heading to Black Eyed Peas Concert. My company was now complaining that they were hungry. We got at MOA around thirty minutes after six o’clock, there’s already a moderate traffic, but we still got a good parking space. We ate first at Pancake House. We a one excess ticket, and it’s sad that we wasn’t able to sell it. Oh well! We got in at around 8pm. The place was not yet over crowded. Arriving early, got us a good spot. At front of the screen and that sidewalk thingy. The concert started really late – 9:20pm on my watch.

I’d love to say that it’s a non-stop party, but I hate that there’s a moment the stage was empty. I think it happened 3-4 times. BUT, I had the time of my life and had good time! The concert was a blast. The energy was very high! It’s like a huge club! Dancing, jumping, head bangin’, hands in the air was everywhere. I love Fergie. I love Will.I.Am. I love Taboo. I love Apl.De.Ap. I love Black Eyed Peas. They’re so MAKULIT!!! Funny it is they made the stage a playground. Fergie was playing around her crew and very seductive.Will.I.Am so frustrated to learned Filipino words. Taboo is very interested in our culture. And Apl.De.Ap so proud to be Filipino. They are a real singer and genius. They can made up words and rhyme very quickly. Wow to Fergie, a great singer!
The things that I don’t see/experience from other concert i’ve been to is the EFFECT! The sound system, costume, and lightning is superb. Very futuristic, I say!

PS: No picture. I wasn’t able to bring a camera, ’cause i’m afraid i’m running late if I get the camera to my Tita’s place. And cellphone’s camera is not getting the result I want to.


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