Nicholas Sparks: Live in Manila

Last October 28, 2011, I went to The Best of Me International Book tour at The Podium with my aunt and her daughter. The event for me was very remarkable and the crowd was terrific. I felt overjoyed when I got a signing pass, ’cause not everyone gets a chance to have their book be signed by Nicholas Sparks. It was really phenomenal because the signing pass that will be given away was supposed to be 7oo only, but due to many people keep coming, they gave more than 1000 signing pass.

When Nicholas Sparks arrived the crowd starts screaming and waving the books in the air. Before the book signing starts, there was a very short answer and question about the author, but the question doesn’t came from the audience. As far as I remember he is married for twenty two years, with five kids, 45 year old(he doesn’t look like 45, he look like a heartthrob), resides in North Carolina, his favorite among his novel is A Walk To Remember. After that, the earliest bird(sh was there since 2am)  was called on stage to have her all books be signed by Nicholas Sparks and she got an extra attention from him and some gift packs. A very lucky girl, indeed. After the program you will be asked to form a line on the right side of the stage and will be called by batch (1-50, 51-100, 101-150). One signing pass = one book and it can be any of Nicholas Sparks books. You may take a picture with him, but just one shot.

I’m happy enough that I was able to see him so close like that and my book got signed, although i’m not the one who go up on stage because it was cousin. Well, I asked her if she want to go on stage, and sadly to me she said YES! I thought she’s gonna say no. Hahahaha!

Signing Pass

Sitting on the floor, waiting to be called

Nicholas Sparks and Bess

He's waving at the camera *kilig*

His signature

The book and the pentel pen

Every book, different pen he’s using and you will get he pen that he used to sign in your book.



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