Christmas Vacation 2011

As usual spent the holiday out of town with family. We had our christmas vacation at Golden Sunset Village Resort & Spa, Calatagan Batangas this year. The place is not that much elegant, but very enchanting because of the plants, trees, birds, bunnies etc. It’s huge than I expected, enough to stroll and take picture of the setting. They have like three to five pools (not sure) because you cannot swim on the beach. The Resort have don’t much rooms and accommodation to prevent over crowding. There are other activities that you can do aside from swimming which I really enjoyed. My mom and dad was kinda disappointed because some of the services and products they are offering are not available. Especially the Wi-Fi, the router isn’t working during our stays. Well, in my own experience I liked it and had fun. Of course, I wont expect more than what we pay for. It’s affordable and much likely just average resort.

Lunch at RSM Lutong BahayTagaytayImage

The jeep that will escort us to our roomImage

My baby brother, Me, and KuyaImageImage

Picking Alateris from the treeImage

Christmas eve, waiting to be 12 in the midnightImage

The actual Christmas dayImageImageImage

So gaaay! 🙂Image

Ibong AdarnaImage

Peacock! I want to make an earring made with his tailImage

Bunny 🙂 Image

Leaving now…Image

Lunch at Bali Seafood Paluto Restaurant – TagaytayImage

Chura! Waiting for our food to arriveImage

I miss the CyberworldImage

Mom – bad influence Hihihi!!!Image


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