My must-have/wishlist pieces I want to own.

Hello folks! I’m back on the track. My last post before this was way back six months ago. Well, I decided to take a little break. As my school obligation making me busy back then. But, it’s all good now… I’m ready again to update my blog from time to time. And, JUST SO YOU KNOW – I already graduated from college. Yeyy for me! Anyway, this blog hiatus is officially OVER! *high five*

So, I did shopping last week. And I can’t remember when was the last time I shop for myself. I am so happy on what I got because it’s the pieces I’m longing to have. I’m so glad that I’m crossing out one by one what is on my list. On this blog, I’m going to give you my must-have/wishlist pieces I want to own. Just like the title suggest.

Here it goes:

1. White Button-Down Shirt (Crisp or not) – White button-down shirt is a must because somehow there’s one point in your life that you need to dress up very smart and trust you can wear it casually and very laid back. And here’s a twist there’s so many variety of button-down shirt (e.g. Sheer, Chambray, and Print) that is trending right now.

2. Little Black Dress – I believe every girl in this world know this. It’s an investment ladies! An LBD can be worn day or night. Just be sure when you invest one, it’s make you feel comfortable, yet fabulous. It’s worth your money so don’t thrift yourself when you buy one. And remember. When in your doubt, always wear black dress.

3. Good Pair of Jeans – Another worth paying extra. Find a pair where you can dressed up or toned down. A pair of jeans that fit well on you is perfect you will look great and sexy. According to Rachel Zoe(A Very Notable Celebrity Stylist) pants/jeans must skim to the ground unless they are cropped pants. I get her! Ladies, trust her she is a goddess!

4. Blazer – Don’t be afraid to wear a blazer. And when I say blazer the well-cut blazer. It’s getting casual now. No matter what color or style. It’s a basic you can play around. It’s really not hard to wear it, if you’re thinking it’s for office wear only well, you are wrong. Pair it up with tanks and jeans, or short and cute pair of top. Really, it’s really not that complicated. Give it a try!

5. Pencil Skirt – You just have to own classic pieces, because you will never known when you need one. Pencil skirt is subtle. Own a perfectly fit pencil skirt and you can model it in professionally scene and amazingly casual. Comfortable cotton blend with just enough stretch pencil skirt is really must have.

6. Cardigans Cardigans Cardigans! –  This I love so much. Cardigans or sweater are great for layerings and those time you don’t know whether you are cold or warm. Unlike trench coats, Cardigans/Sweater is wearable all season. A neutral shade goes with everything, and a longer style that hits at the hip flatters most figures. So far, this piece is I have the most.

7. Shirt and Tank Top – I’s the staple in women’s closet. Shirt and Tank are just simply essential, yet have a very big role in fashion. Classic shirt  can be dressy or casual depending on on what you choose to pair it with While Tank top can be casual or sexy  and easy to dress up using the right accessories and the right complimenting clothing choices. It’s not mandatory to have every color but keep as many color as you can. Black and White should be your priority, though.

There you go. The key to my must-have/wish list are simply a classic, necessary, basic, and essential. Shed some money on these pieces. It’s an investment, you can go wrong buying this pieces because it’s a timeless. Just always remember, when you invest make sure you feel comfortable and it fits very well on you. You don’t want investing or buying you’re not comfortable because it’s too tight or too loose.

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