Monday Blues

I feel bad for ‘Monday’ because it seems that everyone hates Monday. Yeah, including me! Because Monday, meaning there’s schools and works, goodbye weekend. So, I think, we need a day between Saturday and Sunday, right? That would be cool, totally cool. Hahaha!

Anyhoo, before I kick my weekdays, I went to The Spa ATC with my parents. It feels so great they are body massage addict too. I love getting pampered, who doesn’t, right? I even make ‘patos’ the free massage in Burger King ATC and the  twenty pesos massage chair. I just love getting a body massage. This time I tried the Swedish massage, I always had the Shiatsu and Combination once. I now prefer Swedish than Shiatsu and will never have the Combination again, because it’s more of  STRETCHING. I ain’t that flexible anymore! Hahaha!!!

Then, we had snack at California Kitchen Pizza, I think everytime we go to Spa that’s where we eat. We ordered our favorite pasta Roasted Garlic Shrimp, CPK best-seller pizza The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, and some desserts Strawberry Sundae.

A very good way to start my week.



Top: Forever 21 | Flip flops: Sanuk

(Yes, that’s my eyeglasses, my bag, my robe, and my towel)


Roasted Garlic Shrimp


The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza


Strawberry Vanilla Sundae

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