5/12/13 (Late Post)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrated mother’s day a little late,  coz my  Mama chose to work her ass off that day! My typical hard working mum!

Chilled out a little bit in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, before the 7pm mass going to start. Bought her and my aunt cupcakes. Sweet! Yummy cupcakes, btw! Then, attended that mass. After the mass, I strolled  a bit, as I still looking for a present for my Mama. I want to give her an Inboosta, but ridiculously hard to find. (Sigh) Stumbled in Odyssey store and found a much cheaper portable charger for her S3, coz she’s always complaining about  her phone’s battery being drained when she’s out, bought her also a cake which is her favorite; Starbucks The Classic Chocolate Cake. I’m such a good daughter! Hahaha! We had dinner at Crisostomo, my first time there, it’s a Filipino cuisine. Good food and affordable! That’s how we spent Mother’s day! Just almost a casual Sunday for us.


IMG_4956Sweet ❤

IMG_4990My Nanay ❤


IMG_4977Red Velvet, Banana Cream Cheese, and Choco Nutella

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