5/12/13 (Late Post)

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrated mother’s day a little late,  coz my  Mama chose to work her ass off that day! My typical hard working mum! Chilled out a little bit in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, before the 7pm mass going to start. Bought her and my aunt cupcakes. Sweet! Yummy cupcakes, btw! Then, attended that mass. […]

Late night dinner

Have your heard the phrase “pag biglaan natutuloy?” Well, it’s not really biglaan, but sort of. We don’t have any prior plan about this dinner. It’s kind of “hey let’s have dinner tonight” and finally kahit konti lang ang nakapunta, still, natuloy siya. Meeting time is 8pm and meeting place is ATC. I only had […]

Monday Blues

I feel bad for ‘Monday’ because it seems that everyone hates Monday. Yeah, including me! Because Monday, meaning there’s schools and works, goodbye weekend. So, I think, we need a day between Saturday and Sunday, right? That would be cool, totally cool. Hahaha! Anyhoo, before I kick my weekdays, I went to The Spa ATC […]