Late night dinner

Have your heard the phrase “pag biglaan natutuloy?” Well, it’s not really biglaan, but sort of. We don’t have any prior plan about this dinner. It’s kind of “hey let’s have dinner tonight” and finally kahit konti lang ang nakapunta, still, natuloy siya. Meeting time is 8pm and meeting place is ATC. I only had […]

My Page 4 of 366

My school resume classes today. Well, I slept late even though I know I have an 8am class. I managed to woke up early but I decided to attend my next class which is 9.30am and went back to sleep right after I finished my breakfast. Unluckily, I woke up 9.33am, so I got up […]


I asked my high school bestfriend Renz to come with me at the mall to buy some nail polish. Last minute before heading out,  I decided to asked our another bestfriend Enriza if she can come with us. Fortunately, she can come with us, but she will bring her son and Renz is with her […]

Saturday is Love

Despite of raining so hard yesterday, I still attended my classes. Last week was my friend DJ birthday! Yesterday we celebrate it on Kenjie’s place at Laguna. It’s my first time to drink tequila(The Bar). It’s fine, my body system wasn’t overreacting aside from the mild headache I got first thing in the morning. I […]

I wanna go to…

… Monte Carlo! Watched it on it’s first day of showing with Kenjie, Khate, and Trisha at Festival Mall. Yes, we didn’t go to our respective work. It’s already Friday anyway, we just wanna have a little break from office toxic. We went to school to submit OJT papers because it’s the last day of […]

Jertoux Reunion

                                 My super duper crazy friends! Left Side; (From front) Kiko, Gab, Daine, Khate, Ivan and Gerald. Right Side; (From front) Borek, Nikki, Me, Trisha, Kenjie and DJ. This is the first meeting we are all complete since last semester. We […]